Analog process on handmade glassplates
negative/positive process from 1871.

Dry plate glass plates, also know as gelatine silver process, was invented by Dr. Richard  Leach Maddox. He was an English photographer and physician and worked prominent in what was called photomicrography. When he noticed that his health was being affected by the earlier collodion process, Maddox began looking for other solutions. His experiments were published on 8 September 1871 in British Journal of photography. The dry plate silver gelatine process changed the photography industry intensively by his discovery.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, the process is still fascinating. Studio Silverglass is a photo studio specialised in handmade glass plates. The crafmanships, the imperfections through the process, the manual development in the darkroom makes every plate truly unique.

The tangible portraits are captured by composing images through light and natural silver crystals. A magical process from the beginning till the end.